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Brand new brand news! | Get Dollied News | Brand News

Get Dollied has expanded. The family has grown. One has become two and two has become four and so on. Beyonce's "Countdown" is being played in reverse. We're counting ...

NEW INGLOT Products! | Get Dollied News | Brand News

Hey, Dolls! We have some exciting news...Introducing: INGLOT's NEW Wild Paradise Collection! The Wild Paradise collection includes: 5 NEW O2M Breathable Nail Ename...

A Whole New World...of Lipstick | Get Dollied News | Coming Soon

Be prepared to get all dollied up, because INGLOT just announced a new range of lipsticks! Here's what we know so far: There'll be 12 BRAND NEW shades; The lipsti...

We Can't Wait to "Take Home the Bronze"! | Get Dollied News | Coming Soon

theBalm Cosmetics recently revealed a new bronzer product advertising no orange undertone! No shade to Oompa Loompas, but I prefer my tan on the cooler side. That make...


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