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Jul 13 , 2018

Brand new brand news! | Get Dollied News | Brand News

Get Dollied has expanded. The family has grown. One has become two and two has become four and so on. Beyonce's "Countdown" is being played in reverse. We're counting up, Doll.

In other words, we have SO, so many wonderful colour cosmetics to introduce to you that have joined our canon of brands. Here's the cliffsnotes version:

  • GERARD COSMETICS: Enough Slay All Day Setting Spray to bathe in for a month. Or two. Matte liquid lippies to die for.
  • SAUCEBOX COSMETICS: Coming soon! Fantastical shadow palettes, for the win.
  • EYE OF HORUS COSMETICS: Egytpian Goddess realness. Award-winning EVERYTHING. Natural. Paraben free, cruelty free, the works if the works means "everything good, sexy, and mystical in this world". Australian. Chris Hemsworth. (He has nothing to do with EoH that we know of, but he is also Australian. And also sexy.)
  • LIT COSMETICS: Coming soon! Glitter. Glitter. Also, glitter. Need we say more?

And there are more to come! We don't want to reveal all of our secrets stay tuned, Dolls!

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